Norse Violence Prevention Grant

Congratulations to our NKU Social Work Program, NKU Counseling Program, and Northern Kentucky University Police on receiving a three-year grant from the Department of Justice; Office on Violence Against Women for a total award amount of $299,989

The intent of the Norse Violence Prevention (NVP) Project is aimed at developing and strengthening effective responses to violence against women (sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking). In an effort to accomplish this, the project will address the following purpose areas:

(1) to develop and implement policies regarding violence against women and train campus administrators, university police, and judicial board members on said policies;
(2) to develop and implement education programs for the prevention of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking;
(3) to develop and strengthen victim services;
4) to provide assistance and information about victims’ options to report or bring legal action; and (5) to improve coordination among campus and community partners (including the community police department) in order to reduce violence against women on the campus of Northern Kentucky University (NKU).

The grant involved the following co-directors:
Caroline Macke, Principal Director of Grant (NKU Social Work Program)
Gabby Maxedon, Co-Director of Grant (NKU Social Work Program)
Jessica Averitt Taylor, Co-Director of Grant (NKU Social Work Program)
Jennifer Sharp, Co-Director of Grant (NKU Counseling Program)
Ann James, Co-Director of Grant (Associate Dean of Students)
Jason Willis (Northern Kentucky University Police)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

NPV Fac/Staff Photo
From left to right:  Ann James, Jennifer Sharp, Caroline Macke, Jessica Averitt Taylor , Gabby Maxedon