Rank I in Education Certificate

The non-degree Rank 1 program is for students who wish to change their rank status from a Rank 2 to 1 in Kentucky. Students applying for this non-degree program would have already earned a masters degree in an educational field.  Students enrolling in a Rank I program are not eligible for financial aid.  The Rank I program includes 6 credits of required courses, and a plannned program which may include one of the concentrations or endorsements listed below.

Rank I Curriculum Contract

* These are areas of concentration.  Addition of the endorsement or teaching area to a certificate may require additional coursework and/or a Praxis exam as required by KYEPSB.  Completing an endorsement does not add elementary, middle grades, or secondary certification.  Endorsements may not be added to a statement of eligibility.  To add an endorsement the candidate must hold a professional teaching certificate.

Information on the Rank I in School Counseling is on the Counseling webpages and information on the Rank I in Educational Leadership: Supervisor of Instruction is on the prospective students page.

All admitted students are responsible for the Graduate Honor Code and Codes of Ethics adopted by the College of Education and Human Services.  The signature page is here: signature page.  To view and read the actual codes please click on the live links.  KYEPSB Code of Ethics and COEHS Code of Ethics.



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