Health Education

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The Department of Kinesiology and Health offers two programs in Health Education.


Health Education provides education students with an additional P-12 teaching certification area. This is not a stand alone certification program, students selecting this as a minor and certification option must be majoring in another teacher education program. It is highly recommended that Physical Education P-12 majors also minor in Health Education and seek certification in this area. Certified teachers, who are seeking an additional certification area, may complete this program as a post-baccalaureate student. For more information click on related links on the left margin.

HEALTH EDUCATION (Non-Certification)

This minor program includes seven content courses in the discipline of health education. Any student may select this program as a minor. The Health Education -Non-Certification Minor is one of the recommended minors for Exercise Science Majors. For more information on this click on related links on the left margin.

Health Education Program Curriculum